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Congratulations to the May Mountaineers of the Month!

Ximena Ortega Machado – Junior Kindergarten

Ximen was a wonderful example of perseverance this year.  Ximena came late to our classroom and was able to speak very little English.  She worked very hard this year and was determined to learn how to read in English and communicate with her friends.  She continues to persevere through continuing to learn to speak and read English, while retaining her Spanish language skills at just 5 years old.

Isabella Vicari – Kindergarten

During this time of distance learning, Bella has shown perseverance especially in math.  She did not give up and always did her best.  She was willing to try new things, too. I am very proud of her accomplishments!

Branden Sandeen – 1st Grade

Branden has demonstrated the virtue of perseverance throughout this distance learning period. Everything he submits is on time and done to the best of his ability. He not only completes the required work but also the optional assignments. Branden continued to live out our motto of Semper Altius by pushing himself to do better on each assignment. His attitude has remained positive throughout this time. He completes his work with a smile on his face.  I am so proud of his accomplishments.

Ella Cross – 2nd Grade

Ella  has shown great perseverance during this month of distance learning.  She has proven that no matter where she learns, in school or at home, she can achieve her goals of being an excellent student.  Ella has be giving 100% to all of her work that she has submitted to me, and, during our reading calls,  she still knows how to add some fun while continuing to reach her reading goals.  Ella’s perseverance will continue to help her be ready for third grade in the fall.  Keep reaching for your stars, Ella!

Victor Cronin – 3rd Grade

Victor has been working incredibly hard and turning in quality work using cursive and writing neatly. His final project in social studies was excellent, and he has been working independently this whole quarter. He has truly shown the virtue of perseverance through difficult circumstances and distance learning.

Brooke Pontillo – 3rd Grade

Brooke has exemplified the virtue of perseverance all year long. She is a very positive, hard worker who always puts forth her very best effort in all that she does. When faced with a challenge, she never gives up and tackles them with an “I can” attitude. Brooke has shown determination to do well by completing high-quality, impressive work on a daily basis. I am confident she will continue to show perseverance to achieve even more success.

Nora Nedwick – 4th Grade

I would like to nominate Nora Nedwick from fourth grade.  She has turned in every single assignment since we started distance learning.  I haven’t had to ask her to upload one thing.  Also, she turns in all of her work by 12:00 daily.

Luca Orsini – 5th Grade

During any given May, it can be difficult to stay focused and persevere through learning the final content of the year. This May has made the challenge of persevering much more difficult in many respects. That hasn’t stopped Luca Orsini, however. With the very difficult circumstance of distance learning thrust upon us, Luca has accepted the challenge and excelled throughout the entire endeavor. Across the board, the dedication that he has put toward his studies has been admirable to his teachers. It is very clear through his execution of assignments that he has intently read directions, watched instructional videos, and actively participated in Zoom classes on a consistent basis. In his requests for extra feedback or clarification, Luca has always been respectful and courteous. He has taken any constructive feedback with a terrific attitude and has worked diligently to improve his understanding of the material presented to him. He has consistently performed well, shown intellectual curiosity, and demonstrated a willingness to succeed during a time when it would be easier to simply do enough to get by. Rather, Luca has put forth a solid and worthy effort in all subjects. His teachers are very proud of him for his efforts this month, and they hope that he is proud of himself as well!

Hannah Megala – 5th Grade

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Rebecca Berney – 6th Grade

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Cole Duhaime – 6th Grade

Cole gets up everyday by himself and starts his work by 9:00 A.M.  He hasn’t needed me to remind him to do his work.  We’re very proud of his daily discipline with his school work.

James Williams – 7th Grade

James has continued to work hard throughout the entire time of distance learning, right up to the final week of school. He has demonstrated an excellent attitude, being kind to his siblings, helping out around the home, and being flexible sharing devices. Congratulations on your Christian joy, James!

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